Geo Poly Chem

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GeoPoly Chem is a chemicals marketing and construction product distribution organization based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. We are a young professional team, working together to build the construction chemicals business to the next level.



Construction Products

About us

Since 2021 Geopoly Chem has been providing polymers & premium polymer premix (PPP) for dry mix & other construction products including RM & inorganic minerals additives i.e. we provide technical support (24* 7) regarding product information & new product development (NPD) support to our end customers for growing his business.  

We have a wide range of products like wall Putty, White Wash, Waterproofing Products, Tile Adhesive & grout, Wall Plaster, etc. for the best experience.

About us

  • Since 2021 Geopoly Chem has been providing since 2021 Geopoly Chem have been providing construction products including raw materials i.e, polymers, and mineral additives.
  • We have a wide range of products like wall putty, Cement wash, Waterproofing products, Tile Adhesive, Tile grout, and wall plaster for your best experience.

Key Objective

  • To Provide cost & inventory optimization solutions for sustainable business growth of our customers.
  • To develop cost effective products with excellent quality for our customers.
  • To provide excellent quality & packaging in all GeoPoly construction products.


  • To develop environment friendly products without hampering quality for our end customers
  • To use SCMs in Geopoly construction products for reducing carbon footprint.
  • To use environment friendly paper bag packaging in all geopoly products.

Customer Centricity

  • To commit for technical support, knowledge & experience sharing with customers. 
  • We as a company have reduced wait times which increases customer satisfaction. 
  • Our support teams can manage more requests in less time.


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